Find the Perfect Wallpaper Faster

Finding, editing, and downloading the perfect wallpaper for your device has become faster and easier! We've improved the way you select a photo, resize, and edit it.

Create a wallpaper

Here's some of what's new:

Choosing a photo

  • Browse hand-picked and featured photos
  • Search is always available from the side menu
  • Choose from a photo that you previously saved
  • Categories are expanded and easily accessible

Resizing a photo

  • After you choose a photo, you can immediately download it at a preset size or at a custom size
  • The Current Screen Size will resize the photo to your specific device's screen dimensions
  • You can also edit the resized photo directly

Editing a photo

  • The Photo Editor is now full screen and immersive, so you can focus on the photo
  • You can resize the photo to a new size by selecting the Resize tab
  • If you enabled Dark Mode from the top settings menu (here's how from our Blog), you'll see an updated dark theme for the Photo Editor.
  • You can always use the Back button to close the wallpaper editor or choose another photo.

Now, create your own wallpaper!

Create a wallpaper