Instant Photo Resizing on MMT

You can now instantly resize a photo on MMT to a custom size or to a popular preset size. It's great for resizing an image that you'll be using in a blog post, social post, or other project. You can download resized photos on any photo page.

Getting started

When you're viewing a photo, you'll see the Download button. If you select the arrow next to it, you'll see some popular size presets along with a More Presets option. Choosing any preset will open a new tab, where you can download the resized photo.

Choosing Show more sizes will let you choose from a number of popular sizes/devices, where you can either download or edit the resized photo.

Editing and resizing

If you use the photo editor (select the Edit option below Download), you'll be able to modify the image colors (change brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, and more). If you want to change the size of the image, select the Resize photo tab, to choose a preset or custom size.