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Introducing MMT 2.0

Three years ago MMT was launched with weekly free for commercial use photos that anyone can use in their projects, websites, themes, and more. We’ve updated MMT over the years with new content and features, including improvements to search and on mobile devices.
Today we are launching MMT 2.0, a major update that will make browsing and discovering photos on MMT easier and faster.

Grid View

One of the top pages on MMT is the grid page which shows the most recent photos in a grid. Previously this would not be available on category or search pages. Starting today, that all changes: The grid view is now the default view for MMT. It also now works on any category, tag, collection, search results page. On every page you can switch between a three column grid and a one column list. When you change the view, it’s saved so it will always stay that way unless you change it again.

Filter Your Results

Now you can show photos from multiple categories and switch between horizontal or vertical orientations. Get started by selecting Filter and select the categories and orientations.

New Ways to Discover

We’re also introducing new ways to find the right photos and give you the best experience.

  • Tags: One or two word descriptions of a photo that can be used to search for photos on MMT. You’ll see these tags on each photo page, where you can click to browse all photos that have that tag.
  • Related Photos: On each photo page, there are now related or similar photos to the one you are viewing.
  • Collections: Not every similar photo falls into the same categories. Collections are curated sets of photos that share a common theme, place, color, and more. There is a new Collections page which has all of the collections that are on MMT.

Explore MMT

The Explore page is a new curated page which has featured photos, categories, promotions, photo collections, and more.

And More…

  • We updated our Categories page with new imagery and featured categories on MMT
  • We have a new License page, which explains the CC0 license
  • We have a new Medium publication and Blog, where we post site updates, new photos, tips and tricks, and more.

Help us Improve MMT

We hope you enjoy MMT as much as we enjoyed making it. We’d love to get your feedback. You can leave a comment here, email us at hi@mmtstock.com, or tweet to MMT.